Teresa Beck
Teresa Beck in Gran Canaria, Spain (2003)
My name is Teresa "Joy" Beck, also called PRINCIPESSA.

My birthday is on 28 February 1975. Congratulations and gifts are always welcome!

What most excites me about life is the ability to travel the world!!

This space wouldn't be enough to tell you all the places I already have been to since the reunification of Germany! I guess it's not big enough either to mention all the places I am dreaming of still to visit! Here are just a few: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, South and Central America, Ireland, Scotland, Southern Italy, ...

I am still looking for sponsors! Travel partners are welcome, too.


NEWS from February 28, 2006  

Happy Birthday Sweet Sister!

One more year has passed. I wish you a very nice day. It's sad I can't be there, so at least get my present virtually here. ;)

Have a nice day, Jolle!


NEWS from December 25, 2005  

My dear friends!

It has been a long time since I posted my last news for you. But you are lucky, it's Christmas time and time for gifts :-). Some of you have been asking all over the year why I am neglecting my website in such a way I did but the reason is that not much happened this year which would have been really worth of telling you.

Since summer 2005 I am working as an independent city guide but do also other small side jobs such as working as a translator at conferences, teaching English to students and doing some other small jobs. I didn't have a vacation for more than a year now and I know that most of you think that's quite unusual. Well, that's true but the the prize for having a freelance job. But don't worry, my travel passion and thirst for new places, languages and cultures is still there. I hope that in 2006 I will get the chance to explore and discover exciting and beautiful places again. However, I wasn't bored this year at all because several of you came to Schwerin and Wittenfoerden to visit me here. The furthest came all the way from Brasil and visited me even three times this year, thank you Tomaz! I am attaching a picture showing me and my Brasilian friends at the beach of Schwerin lake this summer. The second photo shows me in front of the cabrio sightseeing bus on which I was working quite a lot this year. I was sitting on top of it with a microphone explaining the visitors Schwerin's sights.

I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and a good start into the new year! May it only bring us the best! And don't forget:

There is no moment in our life in which we can't follow a new path.
Charles de Foucauld (1858 - 1916)

With all my love, Teresa


NEWS from April 10, 2005  

Well....I made it! I am officially 30 years old! Actually it has been more than a month now and I still didn't get the chance to say THANKS to all of you who have thought of me on my special day! I received many emails, phone calls, sms, letters and gifts from all over the world for which I would like to thank you all very much! At first it was a strange feeling to turn 30. I felt like a new stage of my life will start and I felt a bit of panic getting old too fast. My grandpa really scared me by saying that I already have lived half of my life now. I replied that I believe it was only a third or even less :-)! However, Adlai Ewing Stevenson once said "It is not the years in our life but the life in our years that counts." and I think this is quite true! So we all should try to get the most possible out of each day and live it as it could be our last! Enjoy life, have fun and don't ever worry about age ;-).


NEWS from February 1, 2005  

January is almost over and I am well overdue to give you all an update on my life and current events.

As most of you already know, I lost my job at GIGA AG last year. The company went bankrupt and even though I went to work till the last day, I didn't get paid my final salary! I had to apply at the unemployment office for the so-called "insolvency money" which means that if there are no funds left in the company, the government pays you the last salary that your employer still owes you. However, all the hotels, bus companies etc. which she didn't pay for several months or even years will not ever get their money and will also have a difficult time reclaiming the money that is due to them! It is truly a shame that the innocent become victims.

However! I am looking positively into my future even though I am not really sure what it will bring for me in 2005! The job situation here in North Eastern Germany is quite bad and salaries are very low due to high unemployment and a lack of good jobs for skilled labour. I have many ideas of what I would like to do and where I would like to go whether these places might be in Germany, Europe or elsewhere in the world. It is not easy to make a decision and go for it (don't forget that I am Pisces) because this decision will decide my "Life Path" for the next several years. I am also thinking of a possible South America or even world trip but many of you will just laugh and wonder what made me change from the idea of travelling to Australia and New Zealand and then switching to South America?! Well, that just shows that I like to swim in all waters and hopefully the current will take me to all these beautiful spots someday. I will definitely keep you updated.

In the meanwhile I am working my second job as a city guide here in Schwerin although there are not very many tours these cold German winter days.

I hope you all had a good start into 2005 and may this year bring you all the very best!


With all my love, Teresa


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I have studied over the past years Business Studies in Tourism in a small city called Kempten in Bavaria which most Americans believe that's all Germany is about.

But it isn't! I was born in Rostock, right at the Baltic Sea, in the nice state of Beck's Residence (© Johannes Beck) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania which is situated in the north of Germany. We are the state less densely populated in Germany. We've got impressive sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, many wonderful blue lakes and much more. Pure and natural!

Now my parents are living in Wittenfoerden near Schwerin, the capital of our state famous for its beautiful fairy-tale castle. Here I used to spend Christmas, Easter and part of my vacation over the past years. Finally I can call this place my home as well. In August 2001 I started working at the German Incoming General Agent AG in Schwerin in order My home near Schwerinto receive the official Travel Agent license in June 2002.

From August 2000 to February 2001 I was doing an internship at a tour operator in Seattle, the Rain Capital of the USA located on the shores of Puget Sound. It's a great city with almost daily beautiful sunrises and sunsets and not really that much rain at all! The snow-capped North Cascades to the East, the Olympic Peninsula with its unique rain forest to the West, the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and the Mount Rainier National Park to the South and the tranquile San Juan Islands and exciting Vancouver to the North; what better destination one could wish?!!



My Life Theme...is my life theme which I am trying to live after! 

I am still figuring out though what I am really looking for in life. 

My goal is a life filled with PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY and HEALTH

I wish everyone of you the same, my friends, may you have a great year 2006! Be human and listen to your hearts! 

I am embracing you!




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Schwerin Cathedral (2004)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Mallorca, Cap Formentor (1999)

Mallorca, Cap Formentor (1999)

Son Marroig, Mallorca (1999)

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