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Teresa Beck in Gran Canaria, Spain (2003)
My name is Teresa "Joy" Beck, also called PRINCIPESSA.

My birthday is on 28 February 1975. Congratulations and gifts are always welcome!

What most excites me about life is the ability to travel the world!!

This space wouldn't be enough to tell you all the places I already have been to since the reunification of Germany! I guess it's not big enough either to mention all the places I am dreaming of still to visit! Here are just a few: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, South and Central America, Ireland, Scotland, Southern Italy, ...

I am still looking for sponsors! Travel partners are welcome, too.


NEWS from July 13, 2004  

SAWASDEE KHA my dear friends!

It has been almost two weeks now since I got back from Thailand. This one-week trip for 23 German travel agents including myself was sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Royal Brunei Airlines. Once again we had a blast! On our first day we arrived after a 10-hour flight in Bangkok and our itinerary started right away. We used the sky train and ferry boat, did a Khlong tour and visited the Grand Palace. The second day we spent the morning in the ancient city of Ayutthaya before we caught an airplane to Chiang Mai. In the evening we were taken by the Tuk-Tuk drivers to the famous night market. Our third day was real adventurous...we rode on elephants (which was pretty scary), enjoyed a float ride and were scared to death during a snake show. In the afternoon we were invited to the "Ban Sabai Spa Village" where we relaxed at the swimming pool and got pampered with a genuine Thai massage. On the next day we flew back to Bangkok from where we headed down south to Hua Hin. We had some free time to check out the big beach, hotel gardens and swimming pools at the "Sofitel Central Resort & Spa" which I can highly recommend! In the evening we got to know Hua Hin during a Rickshaw ride which was lots of fun! However, the highlight of this trip we experienced during the next day which was our last night in Thailand. We were only allowed to bring our carry-on luggage and had to leave the suitcases in the motorcoach. A train ride took us over the famous Kwai River Bridge and all along the river. After lunch we departed by longtail boat on the Kwai River to our last night's accommodation, a Floatel (= float hotel) in the heart of the jungle, "The River Kwai Jungle Rafts"! There was no electricity and only cold water but sooo... romantic! We really enjoyed this afternoon and night out in pure nature! We explored the jungle by visiting the traditional "Mon" village and saw butterflies as big as two hands. The next morning the boats took us back again into civilization. After our return to Bangkok we had two hours time to run our last shopping errands. Our flight left at 23:00 hrs and we arrived early next morning in Frankfurt again. From there I went by train straight to the office in Berlin where I worked all day and the next one as well! On Friday morning I had to be back in Schwerin to guide a group of English cruise ship passengers (who had arrived the night before to Rostock-Warnemuende) through the smallest but cutest capital of Germany.

Throughout our Thailand trip we slept and ate only at the best hotels and really enjoyed the Thai hospitality! Concluding, I must say that I really miss the daily one-hour foot massage which we got there for about 5 EUR at about every corner wherever we went! If you never had it, please give it a try, you will get addicted to it!

THAILAND ... a trip which I wouldn't have wanted to miss! Khap Khun ka to everybody!

Sawatdi Khaa with lots of love!

Teresa Joy


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I have studied over the past years Business Studies in Tourism in a small city called Kempten in Bavaria which most Americans believe that's all Germany is about.

But it isn't! I was born in Rostock, right at the Baltic Sea, in the nice state of Beck's Residence (© Johannes Beck) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania which is situated in the north of Germany. We are the state less densely populated in Germany. We've got impressive sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, many wonderful blue lakes and much more. Pure and natural!

Now my parents are living in Wittenfoerden near Schwerin, the capital of our state famous for its beautiful fairy-tale castle. Here I used to spend Christmas, Easter and part of my vacation over the past years. Finally I can call this place my home as well. In August 2001 I started working at the German Incoming General Agent AG in Schwerin in order My home near Schwerinto receive the official Travel Agent license in June 2002.

From August 2000 to February 2001 I was doing an internship at a tour operator in Seattle, the Rain Capital of the USA located on the shores of Puget Sound. It's a great city with almost daily beautiful sunrises and sunsets and not really that much rain at all! The snow-capped North Cascades to the East, the Olympic Peninsula with its unique rain forest to the West, the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument and the Mount Rainier National Park to the South and the tranquile San Juan Islands and exciting Vancouver to the North; what better destination one could wish?!!



My Life Theme...is my life theme which I am trying to live after! 

I am still figuring out though what I am really looking for in life. 

My goal is a life filled with PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY and HEALTH

I wish everyone of you the same, my friends, may you have a great year 2006! Be human and listen to your hearts! 

I am embracing you!




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Schwerin Cathedral (2004)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Gran Canaria (2003)

Mallorca, Cap Formentor (1999)

Mallorca, Cap Formentor (1999)

Son Marroig, Mallorca (1999)

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